Special Operations

Mass Casualty Incident Response (MCI-134)


2006 Ford Route Star
One of four identical vehicles owned by Bucks County and purchased by the Southeastern Regional Counter-Terrorism Taskforce, but maintained and operated by Chal-Brit Regional EMS
Equipped for response to a mass casualty incident or fire scene
Provides firefighter rehabilitation to surrounding fire departments


PA Strike Team

Chal-Brit Regional EMS part of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Bureau of EMS Strike Team. This program is designed to develop trained and equipped EMS crews for mutual aid, intrastate and interstate requests for EMS assistance in responding to catastrophic casualty events. Our team is one of ten teams in the region and 140 teams in the state. These specially trained and equipped ambulance crews are able to respond, within four hours, to missions anywhere in the country lasting up to two weeks.

Strike Patch
Strike Patch
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