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Our yearly subscription plan is designed to save you out-of-pocket expenses. As a subscriber, you will never be billed for any emergency ambulance service that we render you.

The income from this plan goes toward operations, the building, equipment, supplies and training.

Chal-Brit Regional EMS receives only a small portion (25% in most cases) of the Local Services Taxes collected by the municipalities. These funds are appreciated and needed to help pay for our costs of operations in addition to other funding sources, such as our subscription drive.

Your subscription with Chal-Brit Regional EMS entitles you and your family to emergency treatment and transport to area hospitals at no additional cost to you.

The annual subscription plan will be mailed to all households in our coverage area in mid-to-late May and will be in effect from June to June.

To download the current subscription mailer, please select the appropriate one below:

 You Can Submit Payment With PayPal Or Credit Cards

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Subscription Form For Residential

Subscription Form For Business

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