Over 70 years ago, the Chalfont Fire Company saw the need in the community for an ambulance and running emergency medical service (EMS) calls. After separating from the Chalfont Fire Company in 2007, Chal-Brit Emergency Medical Services’ ambulance service began as an independent operation and has been serving the community 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Medic 134 has been stationed at 201 Park Ave in Chalfont since 2008. In June of 2024, Chal-Brit Regional EMS expanded to add a second 24/7 station in Silverdale as Medic 159.

Chal-Brit Emergency Medical Services is operated by a board of directors, which includes a representative from each municipality, two members with EMS training, and two at-large community members. See a complete list of board members and officers under ‘Personnel.’

The community is served by four ambulances, three box trucks and one van. More information on apparatus past and present can be found under ‘Apparatus.’ Chal-Brit Emergency Medical Services strives to be a competitive place to work, recruiting highly qualified personnel.

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