Chief Officers of Chalfont EMS

Russ Leets, Chief of Operations
Ryan Brunk, Deputy Chief
Joe Meehan, Battalion 134
Justin Tuttle, Battalion 134-1

Board of Directors

Holly Pulido, President (New Britain Township Rep.)
Justin Tuttle, Vice President (EMS Rep)
Eileen Bradley, Treasurer (At Large)
Joe Meehan, EMS Rep
Peter Nelson, Secretary (New Britain Boro. Rep.)
Charly Siegfried (Chalfont Brough Representative)

Operational Positions of Chalfont EMS

Tecla Brabazon, Medical Director
Barbara Stebulis, Privacy Officer
Barbara Stebulis, Infection Control Officer
Lisa Hicks, Training Coordinator, ALS Coordinator
Joseph Meehan, Building Maintenance/Engineer
Justin Tuttle, Communications
Ryan Brunk, Training, Scheduling
Lori Brunk, ALS & BLS Supplies

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